The terms and conditions for using the VPN services offered by KDVPN are described in this Terms of Service page.

The use and accessibility of KDVPN’s content, which includes the company's website, applications, and any software it makes available, is likewise regulated by these terms.

By agreeing to these Terms, you are also agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

You agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms in full on behalf of yourself or those you represent by using the Content or Services. You and KDVPN have entered into a contract (agreement) in accordance with these terms. You are not permitted to use our Services if you disagree with any part of the Terms.

You confirm that you are at least 18 years old or that you are a legitimate legal entity by creating an account to use our Services. You also represent that the registration information you have supplied is true and full.

The Terms may occasionally be updated by KDVPN without prior notification. You agree to the updated Terms if you use KDVPN’s services, content, website, apps, or software after such changes go into effect. On the Site, you can get the most recent version of the Terms. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to periodically examine these Terms in order to be aware of any changes to the laws and regulations. Subscribers will be notified of any significant changes to the Terms by email or an update to the Site. You are deemed to have accepted the modified Terms if you continue to use the Content or Services after they have been updated.

KDVPN respects your privacy and does not track or collect information about subscribers connected to our VPN, including their browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS requests. We may gather certain sensitive personal data about you throughout the registration process, including your email address and payment details. We only gather data that is required for the Site and Services to function properly.

We have included all information related to data collecting in a separate document known as the Privacy Policy, which is accessible on the Site, in order to provide clarity and transparency. To understand how we manage your sensitive data, please read the Privacy Policy in its entirety.

After registering on the site, you may use KDVPN Services. You consent to become a subscriber for the duration you have chosen by signing up for the Services. The Site includes a complete list of subscription options and their associated costs. KDVPN maintains the right to change subscription rates or enact additional charges whenever necessary with fair notice that is displayed on the website or communicated via email. Any price adjustments will take effect when the subscriber renews their membership and won't affect their current subscription period. Subscription purchases and refunds are handled via the third-party company FastSpring.

Plans automatically renew by default at the end of the billing term when supported by your payment method. By default, the renewal period is the same length as the initial subscription's billing term. The subscription price will be automatically deducted from the last payment method you used. You may log in to the website and cancel your subscription before the next charge to stop the auto-renewal.

You are provided access to a varied number of VPN configurations (at least five at all times) with each paid membership, but you may only use a specific amount at a time depending on your subscription plan (see pricing “devices“).

Within 7 days of your initial purchase, you may deactivate your account and get a full refund (Money Back Guarantee).

We will not offer refunds outside of this time period since we recognize that any subscriber has fair opportunity to contact us within this 7-day timeframe if they are dissatisfied with the service.

Refunds are usually processed within 7 days to the original payment method being used for the transaction. Our third-party payment processor handling of these refunds might take up to 10 days to fully complete your refund.

The Money Back Guarantee option will be revoked in the event that the initial purchase is modified, such as by upgrading to an extended billing period. To request a refund in accordance with the Money Back Guarantee send an email to info@kdvpn.io.

It is your duty to determine if using the Site, Apps, Software, or Services is compliant with local laws and regulations given that KDVPN Services may be accessed from anywhere around the world. You must comply by these Terms as well as all applicable laws, rules, and policies whenever using the Site, Apps, Software, or Services.

You are aware that it is your responsibility to keep the details of your KDVPN account confidential.

All of our Subscribers receive the greatest service that KDVPN is capable of offering. In that regard, you shouldn't abuse our Content or Services. Any use, access, or interference with the Content or Services that is against the Terms or any relevant laws and regulations is referred to as a misuse.

KDVPN retains the right to take necessary action where our Services are being used in violation of these Terms and relevant laws in order to prevent misuse or usage for harmful purposes. You acknowledge that if you abuse the Service, KDVPN may cancel your account without issuing a refund for any fees previously paid.

By using our services, you agree not to:
- Send or send any unsolicited advertising or material (often known as "spam") through the Service.
- Send, upload, or transmit over the Service any anything that violates intellectual property rights, infringes on the privacy of others, is unlawful, threatening, defamatory, or incites violence.
- Uploading, downloading, posting, reproducing, or disseminating any content that is subject to a copyright or other property right without first getting consent from the owner of such content.
- Uploading, downloading, posting, duplicating, or disseminating any content that features graphic or sexual images of children.
- Act in a way that prevents another Subscriber from using or enjoying the Service, or engage in any other activity that does so.
- Making an unauthorized attempt to connect to, probe, or access computing devices (also known as "hacking").
- Make an effort to create, use, or disseminate a list of the IP addresses that KDVPN uses in conjunction with the Service.
- Utilize the Service for any illegal activity.

You are granted a non-exclusive, limited license by KDVPN to download and use the Software, subject to your compliance with these Terms. It is strictly forbidden to alter, distribute to unauthorized parties, reverse engineer, or make any other use of the Software that is not specifically permitted by KDVPN.

It is forbidden to use any content that is protected by KDVPN’s intellectual property rights unless KDVPN has given you express written permission to do so.

You may get content from third parties (referred to as "Third Parties") or links to websites owned by third parties from KDVPN. Because these third parties are not governed by KDVPN and may have different terms of use and policies, KDVPN is not liable for the accessibility of the content they offer. KDVPN does not have any affiliation with any website, service, or material you access through our services that is offered by a third party.

We'll make every effort to keep the Site and Services from being interrupted. However, they are offered "as is" and "as available," and we make no representations or warranties, either explicit or implied, as to the correctness or fitness of any information or materials made accessible through the Site or Service for any purpose. Excluding but not limited to implicit claims of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose, and non-infringement, we fully disclaim any guarantees of any kind, whether express or implied. We do not guarantee that the Services will satisfy your needs, or that they will be timely, secure, uninterrupted, or error-free, or that any flaws, if any, will be fixed. You accept that it is solely at your own risk and judgment that you access the Site and Services.

Variations may exist in VPN service coverage, speeds, server locations, and quality. KDVPN will make every effort to keep the Service accessible round-the-clock. However, the Service may be unavailable due to a number of circumstances that are beyond of our control, such as crises, issues with third-party services, transmission, equipment, or network constraints, interference, or signal strength, and it may also be rejected, limited, or curtailed. Data, messages, or pages that are lost, not delivered, delayed, or misdirected as a result of problems with the Service, communications services, or networks are not our responsibility. To safeguard Subscribers or the Service, we have the right to impose use or Service limitations, stop Service, cancel VPN accounts, or ban specific types of usage. Receiving data is not guaranteed to be accurate or timely; there may be delays or inconsistencies.

KDVPN has the right to look into any claims we believe to be infractions of these Terms. Any materials or information that we deem to be actual or potential violations of the restrictions outlined in these Terms, as well as any other actions that could expose KDVPN or our customers to liability, may be removed, blocked, filtered, or otherwise restricted at any time and without prior notice at our sole discretion. KDVPN disclaims all responsibility for any failure on our part to stop the transmission of such materials or information onto your computer device or via the Service.

KDVPN disclaims all responsibility and liability to any Subscriber or other person for any loss or harm you may sustain in the following scenarios:

1. any malfunction or suspension of the website or service;
2. any action or inaction by a third party engaged in providing you with access to the site, the service, or any data included within;
3. any additional factors that may have contributed to your access to, use of, or inability to utilize any part of the site or its content;
4. the way you engage with the website or service;
5. your disregard for this Agreement;
6. the price of purchasing replacement products or services; or
7. Unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, regardless of whether the events leading to such a cause were under the control of KDVPN or of any vendor offering products, services, or support for the Site or Service.

KDVPN, its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, members, officers, or employees shall never be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, or for any other sort of loss or damage, even if they have been made aware of the potential. To the extent that it is against the law, the aforementioned shall not apply.

The remaining terms of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect if any provision is found to be illegal or unenforceable and shall be read in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect the provision's original meaning. Any right or condition of this agreement that is not exercised or enforced in full shall not be deemed to have been waived.

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