Become a K/D Pro in Warzone & Warzone 2.0

KDvpn is the only tool you need to get ahead in Warzone. With a lightning fast connection, you'll find yourself in easier lobbies, without lag and more kills than ever before.

Want to dominate in Call of Duty with Warzone VPN?

With KDvpn you'll never have to deal with skill-based matchmaking again! Get more kills and wins in lobbies with a lower average K/D.

Best gaming experience

Fast & lag-free

With only passing through a partial amount of your network you'll never have to deal with high pings or lags.


No Skill Based Matchmaking. Get in easier lobbies with VPN locations far from the matchmaking servers.

Avoid Cheaters

As Cheaters often can be found within Lobbies with a higher average K/D you can avoid them with KDvpn.


Working with Pro gamers and network technicians we have found the best locations to get yourself in easier lobbies. Choose from up to 14 different servers to get the best results from where you at.


Save $36 on a whole year with KDvpn to dominate your Warzone lobbies.



Per Month


+14 VPN Locations

1 Device

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+14 VPN Locations

5 Devices

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Priority Support



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+14 VPN Locations

3 Devices

Premium Discord Membership

7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try out KDvpn now without any risks. If you're unsatisfied after 7 days you will get your money back.

Is my setup compatible with KDvpn?


  • You're playing Warzone on PC

  • You have a K/D higher than 0.8

  • You're playing in North America or Europe

  • You want to get more kills and wins


  • You're playing Warzone on Playstation or Xbox

  • You have a K/D below 0.6. SBMM is already providing you with easier lobbies

  • You live somewhere far away from Warzones servers. Changing the location won't give you any benefits

The problem with traditional VPNs

Ever tried to use a VPN, only to find that your connection is slow and you get disconnected? It's not your fault—it's the VPN's.

Unlike traditional VPNs, KDvpn only redirects a portion of your connection. This allows you to benefit from a simulated different location, all while enjoying lightning-fast speeds with minimal latency. Say goodbye to slow, frustrating VPN connections and hello to a seamless gaming experience with KDvpn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a ban or get "shadow" banned?

You cannot be banned or "shadow" banned for using our or another VPN. It has absolutely nothing to do with hacking or cheating and does not violate Activision's terms of use.

How do I install KDvpn?

Just follow these simple steps to install the VPN and get started.

  1. Download and install the OpenVPN client. Download here 
  2. Download the VPN configuration files from You will get a configuration per location and they will be available right after you purchase the subscription.

  3. Add the VPN configuration to your OpenVPN client and log in with your username and password we have sent to you via email.

  4. Turn on the location that you like

  5. You're ready to start your game to get more kills and wins.

How do I join easier lobbies?

Warzone will always consider some factors when looking for a game:

  • The latency-related distance from the server,
  • Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) to find a lobby with players of the same level.

Warzone will experience difficulties matching players when using a VPN to connect to locations distant from their servers. Therefore, it needs to reduce the SBMM to enable faster matchmaking, allowing easier lobbies.

Why isn't my latency increased?

All of your connections are routed through servers with a standard VPN. Since these servers are far away from your computer, data will take longer, slowing down your connection and causing an increase in latency.

As we only route a portion of your traffic in game through a VPN you'll still have the advantages of a VPN, allowing you to maintain an incredibly fast connection while pretending you're somewhere else.

Is it possible to use KDvpn on my Xbox or Playstation?

No, our VPN will only work on PC.

Even if a PC or a Mac is used to share the connection, it is incompatible with Playstation or Xbox.

More questions?

Premium Discord Access

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